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Coder Application Form

Do you speak your languages and would you like to earn some extra money from the comfort of your own home? Does an active role in analysing market research data appeal to you? Then maybe you should apply as a coder for SmartCoding

If you have excellent knowledge of English and another language (other than Dutch, which we have amply covered) and you are interested in working for us occasionally as a coder of responses to market research surveys, please fill out the form below. If your details look promising, we will contact you. But before you send us your application, please first read below what we expect from our coders.

What does the work involve?

In market research, people are usually asked to choose their response from a list of options (such as a, b, or c or a number from 1 to 7), but sometimes there are open questions as well. For analytical purposes, the responses to these - 'verbatims' - have to be coded.

As a coder, your job is to map each response to one or more codes. Most of these codes, and their meanings, will be provided in a so-called code frame, but sometimes you will also have to introduce additional codes. This requires careful communication, as other coders will usually be working on the same market research project in other languages and the client expects consistent coding across all languages.

The code frame is in English, while the verbatims are in your specialist language.

If you live nearby we may ask you to come to our offices for your first assignment, but after that you will be able to do the work from home. You will need a PC with internet access and a working knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel. You need to be able to work accurately and consistently within agreed deadlines. You need to be able to work independently according to the instructions, while having a good sense of when to discuss matters with your SmartCoding project manager. You need to be able to respond constructively to feedback (suggestions, criticism, queries, etc.). And, of course, you need to be available at irregular times for jobs that may take anything from 1 to 25 hours.

Payment will be based on the amount of verbatims processed.

Stella Bolscher (CEO)
Schaapsdrift 15
3739 NE Hollandsche Rading
The Netherlands

Phone +31 (0)30-2761918

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