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The people behind SmartCoding

Coding is a young business, but one that is not without history. It was formed as a spinoff from VVH business translations
, a translation company with more than 12 years of experience with market research translations and many clients and friends in the international market research community.

This means that right from the start we benefit from extensive expertise in the fields of both translations and market research solutions. Together, we provide a unique mix of skills to support market research companies worldwide.

About VVH business translations

VVH business translations is an all-round, Netherlands-based translation agency that has worked with market research agencies for over ten years. We understand your processes and requirements, and keep in mind the needs of the end-users of our work (i.e., your client, the interviewers and the respondents).

As a general translation agency, covering all languages and all subjects, we work only with professional translators who are native speakers of the respective target languages. Where necessary we support them, in order to arrive at consistent and optimum translations, according to the clients' wishes. And before we deliver to you we double-check everything, leaving nothing to chance.

In multilingual research projects, we are sensitive to the need to ensure that the language in which a respondent takes a survey makes no difference. In translations, it is quite often the case that something cannot be said in the other language in quite the same way. This does not usually cause much of a problem in normal texts, but in questionnaires a slight change in meaning may give rise to different answers, affecting your statistics. We do our utmost to ensure that your research overcomes any cross-border linguistic pitfalls.

At VVH, we have developed a range of market research specific capabilities over the years. We have wide experience of processing CATI scripts and Excel files (e.g. from mrTranslate and Confirmit) containing verbatims/open ends. We are not fazed by programmers' and interviewers' instructions, computer logic or other codes. Rather, we recognise them for what they are and do not translate what does not need to be translated, saving you money in the process. You receive usable translations.

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Stella Bolscher (CEO)
Schaapsdrift 15
3739 NE Hollandsche Rading
The Netherlands

Phone +31 (0)30-2761918

VVH business translations